New bike legal site

Published: 10 May 2007

A new legal site for bikers has been launched offering advice, case studies and contacts. is headed by MCN’s legal columnist, Andrew Campbell from Withy King. Campbell has won landmark diesel spill cases, represented the biker accused of speeding after a video was posted on You Tube and recently won a groundbreaking compensation claim against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority when a teenager playing chicken ran in the path of a biker and injured him.

Campbell reckons discrimination against bikers is commonplace in the legal world. He said: “I believe motorcyclists often get a raw deal – the common misconception is they’re always in the wrong. Lawyers can too easily dismiss potential claims without thoroughly exploring all the options. Bikers deserve fair and expert representation and I’m very pleased that our work in this complex area has grown to such an extent that we are now able to offer a dedicated motorcycle law service. We welcome enquiries from all motorcyclists.”

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