Police withdraw Pan over safety concerns

Published: 14 May 2007

Police across the country have stopped using Honda Pan Europeans following safety recommendations by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

The step comes after a coroner said at an inquest into the death of a police motorcyclist that Pan Europeans posed a “serious and continual” threat. PC David Shreeve lost control when his Pan European ST1300 developed a violent high-speed wobble, the inquest heard.

An ACPO spokesperson said on Monday: “Concerns raised by colleagues and a lack of confidence in the motorcycle means that as a precaution, and to safeguard the interests of all relevant parties, we have recommended a temporary withdrawal while we examine further evidence.”

The inquest in April heard that the problem affected only police versions of the bike, fitted with heavy communications and emergency equipment which alters the centre of gravity.

Dave Hancock, Honda’s technical development manager, said police-spec machines where “completely different to standard bikes.” He said: “They carry heavy equipment and have different suspension to cope.”

He said Honda was “respecting the coroner’s decision and working with ACPO to rectify the situation”.

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