Police issue 'motoring ASBO' to A1 speeder

Police have issued a “motoring ASBO” for speeding on the A1 – to a car driver.

Writing for The Scotsman, Mike Wilson said: ‘I was shocked when the constable said: "We're issuing you with an ASBO. Should you, this vehicle or any other vehicle driven by you be involved in a similar incident in the next 12 months, the vehicle will be impounded." Just 36 hours later, faster than some responses to routine call-outs, ASBO/49/LA/ 07 arrived by first-class post.’

We reported last week that police had threatened to use ASBO laws to confiscate motorcycles as part of summer clampdowns. The Scotsman also reports today that Lothian and Borders Police issued 565 warning and seized 54 vehicles in this way in 2006. See the story here.
Get tomorrow’s MCN (Wednesday May 16, 2007) to find out what other forces are planning similar action.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell