Poor Suzuki service

Having had my DRZ400SM fail to start from a flat battery after being away for a couple of weeks, and this the second time, I phoned my local dealer to have a look at it under warranty.

They informed me they were no longer affiliated with Suzuki and gave me a number for a dealer in Glasgow which is 30 miles from me.

I phoned the dealer who could not look at it for at least 2 weeks. Not happy with this I phoned Suzuki GB who are of the opinion that to travel 30 miles is perfectly OK for warranty work.

I suggested pushing the bike 30 miles to the dealer wasn't really an option. But I was just told there was nothing they could do about it.

Very poor in my opinion. I have bought Suzukis for 22 years and at the first hint of a problem this is their response.

I won't be buying another. Just had to get that off my chest.

Great read by the way.

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Stephen Bowes

Reader's article

By Stephen Bowes