Save when buying a Craft helmet

If you are thinking of buying a Craft helmet, see if you can buy it via Europe rather than in the UK.

For example, Craft's European website charges EUR185 for an RX6 (approx £135) whereas all its British agents charge £199. Only one snag - the European website refuses to sell goods to customers in the UK, forcing British bikers to pay a 50% premium. They ship to all other EU countries (and many more, including the Falkland Islands) but it is not illegal for them to refuse to sell directly to the UK.

The solution? If you can, get a friend in another EU country to buy the helmet, have it sent to them, and then get them to post it on to you. Even with two lots of postal charges you will still be quids in.

You can also buy Craft goods much more cheaply from their USA website, but the savings may be cancelled out by VAT and Customs duty. Alternatively, you could just buy a different brand of helmet - but if you do, write to Craft and tell them why!

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Paul Rodmell

Reader's article

By Paul Rodmell