Free parking at the NEC?

I would love someone from the MCI to explain why many of the exhibitions at the NEC have free parking and the Bike Show doesn’t.

If you check out the website for the NEC you will see in the what’s-on-guide a list of events and how much the parking costs. I only mention it because a few years ago the Bike Show was on at the same time as a woodworking exhibition.

A mate of mine, who operates kitchen making machines, came along and pointed out that he had tickets. So we parked in the car park allocated for the woodworking show. No ticket barriers – it was free. We never even went to the woodworking show.

No one even checked. I know that the MCI will say that bike parking is free – a valid point – but this year the show has been put back to November/December. I pointed out to friends that it was going to be fun riding to that time of year and yesterday, sure enough within half a mile of leaving the house me and my XJR1300 were sprawled out in the middle of the road!

The result of this new salt that turns into paste in the presents of water. So instead of spending money at the show – I held back a bit because I’ll need some new forks, levers, exhaust and engine casing.

I bought some crash bungs at the show – a bit late though! I wonder if the reason for having the show so late was so not as many bikers would take up the free bike parking and come in their cars instead? I’d still go.

But don’t the MCI realise that bikers are a funny bunch. Every last penny goes on the bike so we begrudge paying £8 for 3 hours parking.


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