GPS trouble in Spain

I would just like to tell you about an encounter I had with the Spanish Police.

In October I was riding my Tiger 955i up through Spain, heading for France enjoying the weather and the great roads, when I got pulled over by the Guard Civil.

They had seen that I had a Tomtom GPS fitted to the bike with an intercom lead running from my lid. They then told me that ear pieces of any kind are illegal.

When I tried to explain that the GPS was linked through an Autocom unit they did not want to know. One cop seemed to be sorry about the whole thing, while the other had the ticket wrote up.

An on the spot fine off 105 Euro. Ouch.

So I now wonder where that leaves GPS on bikes without any ear devices of any kind. I looked this up on the internet when i got home and it seems to be correct.

No ear devices of any kind including bluetooth when driving in Spain or France.

kevin o neill

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By kevin o neill