Gibney family issue official statement after IPCC clear Brunstrom

Published: 09 November 2007

The family of Mark Gibney have issued a statement following the Independent Police Complaints Comission verdict which has cleared North Wales Cheif Constable Richard Brunstrom of any wrongdoing in displaying images of the late Mark Gibney without the consent of the family.

The statement in full is reproduced here:

“By his actions, Richard Brunstrom caused the Gibney family profound, unnecessary and lasting distress. His media briefing led to the gruesome details of Mark’s death being revealed to Mark’s widow Eileen and his children, who had previously been shielded from this information.

"Having seen the IPCC’s comments, the Gibney family once again call for the dismissal of Richard Brunstrom from his position.

“Any Chief Constable occupies a position of great trust and yet it is clear Richard Brunstrom acted without the family’s permission and with no thought to their welfare.

"His explanation that the meeting with the press was ‘closed’ does not excuse him of his responsibility to protect and have regard for the victims of this accident.  The IPCC report highlights a number of failings in the planning and preparation for this briefing.

"The people and relatives of all those involved in the original accident have had to relive this tragedy again.

“Some 1,600 people have already signed a petition to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in London, requesting Brunstrom be removed from his post. It is high time Richard Brunstrom was made to accept responsibility for his actions.”

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