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Some people are prepared to sacrifice anything to achieve their biking dreams and tattoo artist Rhys Jones is offering advertising space on his own back to help fund his.

The 26-year-old from Cornwall, who’s recently left the army after two tours in Iraq, hopes to go on the Cannonball Run in 2008, but needs to find £6000 to fund the trip. He’s offering bike companies the chance to have their brands indelibly inked on his own back in exchange for the funds to be able to take part.

He said: “My father would do the work and it will be of amazing quality. I need to raise at least £6000 for me and my biking partner to take part in the Cannonball Run. I am an ex-soldier, I have been to Iraq twice and since leaving the army I have found a passion in riding bikes. I would like to further my passion by going on this run.”

If your company wants to gain a permanent tattoo on Rhys’ back, get in touch with him via





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Ben Purvis

By Ben Purvis