One too many bikes?

The summer of love! This year I have been an ass to my missus!

I started off the year with a ZX6R J1 in feb, I sold it to a mate and got an SP1, but couldn't afford the 100 mile a day commute so I got a GSXR600 K5 in may and crashed it trying to wheelie in June (she doesn't know that), it was "diesel."

I repaired it with her savings, sold it and bought a benelli tornado in july.

This then broke down after 2 days, so I took it back and paid extra for a '05 ZX10R in August. I found it a bit mad in the wet for commuting, so last month bought a bandit 600 as a second bike.

Then, I changed my jobs and no longer commute more then 5 miles a day, so both the ZX10 and the bandit are for sale!

Next up.... Who knows! The moral of the story is... Well I dont know what it is! But I was told that this many bikes in a year makes you a dealer!

Some good clips on my youtube site

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By benbgrayson