It's All About Adam

Published: 09 October 2007

Our boy Adam was such a nice lad

Always polite and would never be bad

His 19th birthday came around

So we asked him what he'd like

And then fell off our chairs

When he said "I want a bike"

His first test was the CBT

And he took it on the 2nd

He passed the test quite easily

And then the big test beckoned

He promised to do so many chores

If we helped him with his dream

But now it seems those promises

Weren't quite what they seemed

He took and passed the second test

So now he's trained to ride And at this point were happy

To be standing by his side

We found for him the perfect bike

A lovely VFR

But now he does just what he likes

We think he's gone too far

Always in his leathers and sneaking out the house

When asked to do his chores he's as quiet as a mouse

But on his bike he's full of life

He's gone with a blip and a roar

But he's blowing every penny

And the bike is making him poor

We've asked him to calm down

And maybe stay in a little

But we're treated to a teenager frown

And a spray of biker spittle

Methinks he doth protest too much

Of course we understand

He's not the first teenager

To have gotten out of hand

But now he's never at home

And he's acting like a madam

All he wants to do is roam

Because it's all about Adam