Police suspend use of all laser speed guns – and ban officers from exceeding 100mph

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Police in Kent have suspended use of all laser speed guns following a court case, MCN can exclusively reveal.

An email sent globally to all officers in south Kent, leaked to MCN, stated: ‘Following a court case at Folkestone yesterday and in liaison with the Criminal Justice Unit (traffic) a review of speed enforcement policy is to be made regarding the use of all laser speed guns in South Kent.

‘Pending this review, NO further FPN’s [fixed penalty notices] or summons should be issued.’

A source has told MCN the action is force-wide.
The email was dated October 4 and said it was hoped the review would be completed within two weeks. It was signed by roads policing officer Phil Sharp and said officers would be notified of ‘any changes in policy required before any further enforcement takes place’. 

A second email to all south Kent officers stated that standard police drivers may not exceed 100mph. The email, from area driving examiner Ian Clark, said: ‘Standard Drivers/Riders are trained to drive/ride response vehicles up to, and not exceeding, a speed of 100mph. Therefore, Standard Drivers/Riders will be required to justify their actions if found to be travelling in excess of the 100mph speed limit. Only accredited Advanced Drivers/Riders may exceed speeds of 100mph.’

MCN was awaiting an official response from Kent Police at the time of writing. The force has not confirmed whether the suspension includes LTI 20.20 laser speed detectors used in speed camera vans.


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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell