Speed camera chief Mereddyd Hughes caught by speed camera

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Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes – the country’s top traffic cop and a leading advocate for speed cameras – has been sent a Notice of Intended Prosecution for a speeding offence on a North Wales road earlier this year.

An official statement has been issued by South Yorkshire Police:

'Chief Constable Med Hughes has received a notice of intended prosecution in respect of an alleged driving offence in North Wales in the early morning of a Bank Holiday Monday in May while he was on holiday.

No summons has yet been received'.

According to road safety campaigners Safespeed, Hughes’ car was photographed driving at 90mph in a 60mph speed limit – above the threshold that magistrates recommend disqualification.

Paul Smith, founder of SafeSpeed.org.uk, said: " The critical question is: ‘Was Mr Hughes causing a danger to the public?’

“Given his training and position, I am quite confident that he was not. I challenge him to admit - here and now - that the speed limit cannot define the point at which a speed becomes dangerously fast.”

The alleged offence took place on the A5 near Chirk in North Wales on Bank Holiday Monday in May while Hughes was on holiday. His car was captured by a fixed speed camera. In the past, the Chief Constable has advocated a return to ‘less conspicuous’ speed cameras as a method of convincing drivers to slow down.

The Chief Constable is also Head of Roads Policing for the Association of Chief Police Officers, a position he took over from Richard Brunstrom, the ‘Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban’. Brunstrom is also Chief Constable of north Wales, the area Hughes is alleged to have been caught speeding in.


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