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Got back from our 5.5 day blast last week from Bilbao, across Northern Spain, South of France, Calais and home...2100 miles in total and it was awesome! The first 3 days were amazing the last 2 were fast but rarely challenging and we had some time to chill out and enjoy the views and not watch the clock - so it was well balanced.

Thought some of you may be interested in our route.... Portsmouth to Bilbao (ferry Saturday to Monday morning - excellent entertainment!) Bilbao to Logrono A8/A68 Logrono to Pampalona A12? (N1110 alternative) Pampalona to Jaca (take the A15 in Pampalona and exit J80a) Jaca N240 - Now the fun starts! Sabinago N330 (bear left) Biesas N260 Campo N260 Castejon de Sos N260 Pont de Suert (Camp site on left - first night) N260 La Pobla de Segar N260 Sort N260 La Seu d'Urgell N260 Bourg Madame N260 Mont Louis N116 Axat D118 Perpignan D117 Narbonne N9 (ask at the BMW dealers for the campsite - second night!) Nimes A9 (exit 26) Sommieres N110 Ales N106 Mende N106 (excellent road..) Moulins A75 (free autoroute - Exit 11 - following signs for camping - truckers stop - great food, third night) Moulins N1145/N79 Nevers N7/A77 Montargis (Exit 18) Chateau Renard D943 Sens N60 Troyes N60 Chalons de Champagne N77 (fourth night - follow signs to campsite) Arreau D977 Rethel D946 Rozoy D946 Guise D946 Bohain en V D960 Cambrai D21/D960 (last night - follow signs again - theme pub opposite GRILL is excellent, drink as many Desperados as possible and don't miss the ferry..) Calais A26 and home..... We camped all week - up at 7.00 and on the road for 9.00 except for Friday when we left at 10.30 and Saturday was off at 8.30 and we made the 10.30 ferry...just!

The N240/N260 in Spain all the way to Axat was pure joy - white knuckle naggery and then fast open sweepers with all the scenery you could want (lakes, forrest, rivers, mountains etc...) The weather was brilliant but it was cold and damp in the night - my poxy sleepbag wasn't ideal...

There you go!! After the summer we've had it was well needed and top fun - go do it...

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