AA to use motorcycles instead of vans to beat traffic

Published: 02 April 2008

The AA is to use motorcycles to target breakdowns in order cut waiting times in London.

The AA has estimated that using motorcycles will cut waiting times by 25% inside the capital. With traffic speeds at their lowest in 40 years, bikes are making a welcome return for the first time since the mid-nineties.

The modified 600cc Honda Silverwings ,700cc Honda Deauvilles and four Vectrix electric scooters will all be specially adapted to carry the trained AA serviceman’s tool-kit, spares and beacon light.

Aiding around 2000 breakdowns inside London each day, AA’s president Edmund King says that their new motorcycle patrols will be able to “reach breakdowns more quickly and get our members and other drivers back on the move with the minimum delay.”

The new system will be aimed at targeting minor breakdowns such as flat batteries, wheel and tyre changes and straightforward electrical faults.