Nate Adams awarded Knievel prize

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Freestyle motocross rider Nate Adams scooped up the first Evel Knievel Most Outstanding Rider award at the inaugural Navy Moto X World Championships, which were held April 12 and 13.

The motocross rider won the prize following a poll of the audience. In addition to the accolade, Adams also won a customised Knievel-style Harley Davidson.

Adams dominated the Freestyle contest, winning the event with an overall score of 93.8, compared to the 92 points of second-placed Jeremy Stenberg, and third-placed Jeremy Lusk’s 90 points.

One of the most notable tricks performed by Adams was a superman seat-grab flip over a 115-foot gap.

Freestyle was just one of six motocross disciplines run at the World Championships, with the remainder comprising SuperMoto, Speed and Style, Best Trick, Step Up, and Moto X Racing.

The event is now scheduled to run annually, as part of a regular series of X Games.

Michael Carroll

By Michael Carroll