Volkswagen to become motorcycle manufacturer?

Published: 18 April 2008

Volkswagens chairman Ferdinand Piech has told German magazine Stern that he is still interested in buying a motorcycle manufacturer in an interview with his cousin Wolfgang Porsche, chairman of the Porsche supervisory board.

“I would still like a small, valuable motorcycle manufacturer.” He told the magazine. Piech also said that he still regrets missing out on the opportunity to buy Ducati in 1985 when they were in trouble and a buyer could have acquired it very cheaply.

Cagiva eventually bought Ducati in 1985 and planned to re-brand them as Cagiva, but the decision was made to keep the Ducati name.

71 year old Piech said: “I myself ride a Ducati. 180 horses and more power per kilogram than a 1,001 bhp Bugatti.”

If Piech is hinting at buying Ducati, then perhaps in the near future we can expect to see Ducati’s with all the usual Italian flare, but with a hint of German refinement.