Nine people injured after motorcycle crash

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A motorcycle crash in Aberdeen injured nine people including several children on Saturday 26 April after the rider lost control during a student’s parade.

The motorcycle, which had three people on board was seen being ridden recklessly around the centre of Aberdeen at around 8.20pm.

Witness reports say they were riding on the wrong side of the road, mounting pavements and pulling wheelies. One of the teenagers is due to appear in court today.

Among the nine people injured were two 11 year-old boys – one suffering a leg injury and another suffering from shock, a 25 year old man suffered injuries to his face and hand and a 40 year old woman who suffered injuries to her leg.

None of the injuries were life threatening.

The motorcycle collided with a van turning left onto a side street after the rider tried to undertake the van on the left hand side.

The incident took place during the city’s annual Torcher Parade, where students get dressed up and take to the streets to raise money for charity.

The rider of the bike, who was the only one wearing a helmet, threw his helmet away and tried to escape, but was caught by members of the public.

Grampian Police issued a statement saying: “Officers refrained from immediate pursuit due to the high volume of pedestrians and the constraints of the urban environment.

“It was decided that the risks involved in pursuing the motorcycle far outweighed the risks posed by the motorcycle and rider.”


Liam Marsden

By Liam Marsden

Former MCN Web Producer