Ear pieces are illegal in Spain and France

Thought you would like to know about a little problem I had while riding my Triumph Tiger up through Spain.

I was making my way from Moratalla, Murcia to Lourds in France. All was well until I got close to the Spain/France border when a Guarda Civil came along side me and told me to pull over.

I pulled over trying to think what i had done wrong. Two Guarda officers got out of the car and came over to the bike and had a look and then told me that the bluetooth ear piece I had for the Tomtom GPS was illegal.

I tried to explian how the Tomtom worked but they were having none of it. They told me ear pieces of any kind are illegal in Spain and France. I got an on the spot fine of 105 euros. That makes Tomtom Rider GPS and others totally useless for motorcycles in Spain and France.

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kevin o neill

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By kevin o neill