Published: 03 April 2008

After a ride out on easter monday on the back of a friends bike I had to express myself and wrote a few lines...


Sunshine on my face is waking me up and I think how perfect it is to spend the day with you

Excited I get up, make myself a coffee and look

Outside in the garden, anticipation is going through me at the thought to touch, smell and feel you

Quick I get dressed in my best outfit, my heart is already pounding wild, check if everything is ready I open the door and here you are in your perfect beauty

Curves they’re cool and hot at the same time

Tenderly palm with my hand over your lines how soft you feel even though you’re so strong and full of power

Our trip is leading us over the best roads, every bend is a challenge in our trust of each other

Together we reach adrenaline level and with speed our destination and I can feel the heat from you

After a deserved break we’re on the way back home because we both know we want some more completely focused on you I can feel your shape underneath me, feel the wind and wish the road would never end tired but happy I’ll bring you back to your place, touch you gently for the last time and think to myself….. ………I love you my bike 03.04.08