Ride in Peace Wayne

Ride in Peace Wayne

On a sad note, I would like to pay tribute to a man I have only known for a few short months.

Wayne Carpenter was a man amongst men and a biker amongst bikers. As evidenced by the number of people that admired, loved and respected him.

We lost Wayne, last Thursday, 10th April, due to a traffic accident, in which he was the innocent victim.

Thank goodness his good friend, Richard was with him at the time, he did not die alone.

Wayne was a great head riding instructor who loved his job any many students benefited from his kindness and advice.

We at Orange Bike Training will miss his smiling face, the way he rolled his fags and his dozy jokes.

Our hearts go out to the members of his family and his fiancé Kirsten

Goodbye Wayne, you will always ride with us.


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