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Here is Derbyshire Plod’s new secret weapon – photographed while I had a fag break on the Via Gellia. Actually that was just an excuse to get up close.

Now, this looks like a blue Vauxhall Movano doesn’t it? DVLA says otherwise. So looks like the Plod did a quick respray and forgot to tell them.

“The enquiry is complete The vehicle details for FN02 NWZ are:

  • Date of Liability 01 07 2008
  • Date of First Registration 01 07 2002
  • Year of Manufacture 2002
  • Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2187CC
  • CO2 Emissions 0g/Km
  • Fuel Type Heavy Oil
  • Export Marker Not Applicable
  • Vehicle Status Licence Not Due
  • Vehicle Colour WHITE
  • Vehicle Type Approval N1

The information contained on this page is correct at the time of enquiry.”

I don’t suppose the new tactics are in any way connected to the new 50mph speed limits which are spreading across the county – unannounced of course.

Chris Murtough

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