Are bikers snobs?

Last year Hubby decided after a 20 odd year break it was time for us to get back into bikes. We took our CBT, bought a 125 to potter about on and practise and then took our DAC which we passed, (no errors for me, one for hubby, sorry love just had to get that in).

We then spent our well earned cash on a couple of 600 bikes, Hubby went for a Divi, and I made a few mistakes before finally in March settling on a CBR. We both enjoyed the camaraderie and seemed to belong to a whole new community.

Greetings would hail whenever we passed, got passed or even when we were stationary. People would stop to see if we needed any help, even if we had just stopped to admire the view. It even got to the point where I would nod to a bike even when on the odd occasion I would be driving the car (Come on hands up- how many of you have done that?).

So, winter is just round the corner and I am dreading this:-

1. Getting my pride and joy dirty and the possibility of me dropping her in the wet.
2. The alternative of having to drive the car instead.

Decision made, I would buy an old 125. Lots of searching, purchase made, I have never grinned so much as I did on that 20 mile ride home on a two stroke, RXS100, brilliant stuff. So where have all our mates gone?

Those same bikers that would cheerfully nod in my direction as we passed day after day, or even raise a hand if waiting at traffic lights. I am sure they are the same bikes I am seeing now. Obviously, just because I am now on a 100cc economical, cheap runabout and not a 600cc sports tourer that means I no longer belong, or are we bikers snobs?

Sarah and Andy

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By Sarah and Andy