Thames Valley Police to remove speeding campaign posters

Published: 18 August 2008

Officers stand proudly in front of a "motorcycle safety" poster showing a small boy clutching a crash helmet and wondering where daddy is.

And perhaps we should take it as sign of the level of thought and planning that went into the posters that just one week later they were all to be taken down due to a major gaffe: the fact the brand name of the helmet in question can clearly be seen.

The two officers would presumably have been feeling a little more red-faced last week when Thames Valley Police agreed to remove all the posters within 24 hours after being contacted by lawyers acting for AGV.

It means the force has wasted taxpayers' money on the posters, which were criticised by motorcyclists for lacking any constructive safety message.

Furious Jonny Towers, of AGV distributor MotoDirect, said he objected to the “negative association” of AGV helmets with the poster’s message. 

Thames Valley Police said in a statement: “After MCN contacted the UK distributors of AGV Helmets, Thames Valley Police was contacted by solicitors acting on behalf of Euro Helmets Ltd asking for the withdrawal of posters which were produced as part of a campaign to reduce the number of motorcyclists who die on our roads.

"This withdrawal of the posters is currently taking place but all other aspects of the campaign are continuing”