World's best custom motorcycle builder tells you how to build a winner

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The world’s best custom motorcycle builder says doing as much of the work yourself could help you become the winner of MCN’s Britain’s Got Biking Talent with Carole Nash contest.

Roger Goldammer was awarded the top prize for the third time at the World Championship of Custom Bike Building in Sturgis, US a fortnight ago. And the 40-year-old Canadian says one of his greatest strengths is that he can do most of the work on the bikes himself from designing to fabricating.

“I pretty much do everything on the bikes. I have a fellow who has done design work but I know where I want to go so I do it virtually all myself,” said Goldammer.

“It’s partly because it all has to be done in a certain way but also where I used to I live in America there was a guy who would manufacture brakes, another did the frame and so on, but now I live in Canada there isn’t that luxury.

“I had to teach myself all those aspects and that’s now become one of my biggest assets. It’s frustrating but overall it’s you throughout the whole bike. If you want to get anywhere you have to be able to take that piece of paper and do that sketch to make it all together.”

Goldammer also recommends that to get your bike noticed you shouldn’t be afraid to try new ideas, move away from more traditional setups and really set yourself a challenge.

His winning bike Goldmember was designed whilst he was on a plane. He took a piece of paper and simply drew out a sketch which then became the world championship winning bike.

If you feel inspired by the world’s greatest custom builder’s words of wisdom then simply upload your own special to our Britain’s Got Biking Talent with Carole Nash gallery where users get to vote for their favourite bike.

The bike with the most votes earns the owner £1000 whilst the top 12 bikes will be featured in the 2009 Carole Nash calendar and will also be on show at the NEC Bike Show.

Check out the entry page for more details.

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