Bike oil rip off?

I often wonder why bike oil is more expensive than car oil?

We as bikers often pay a premium for our oil in comparison with car oil. What is the difference between synthetic bike oil & synthetic car oil? If you walk into any bike dealers & ask for a type of oil that they would recomend, they will always point you to the oil they have in stock (what a coincidence).

The fact is, sticking a photo of a bike on an oil container puts the price up by sometimes 40%. Bike dealers will often tell you that because your bike revs higher, then you need a special oil & therefore you will have to pay a higher premium. 

In the 90’s a study was conducted in the USA regarding the different properties of car oil versus bike oil & guess what, there was found to be very little if any difference, the one huge difference was the price you paid for the bike sticker on your oil container. Click here for the findings of the study.


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By jonmgoo