Disgusted by the public opinion of bikers

I just wanted to tell you about my complete disgust with people’s (drivers) opinions about bikers. I work for the Highways Agency so I want to remain anonymous.

The region where I work we can get 2 or 3 bike crashes in 1 month, were as we can get up to 20 car crashes in one eight hour shift, but as soon as we get a bike crash the blame is straight away put on the rider, even if it’s not their fault.

The more common reasons are diesel, high winds or being cut up that makes them crash, but cars are dealt with in sympathy, even though they are tailgating, speeding around slip roads and just generally being unaware of the weather or other people around them and using the motorway like they would use a bumper car at the fair ground.

I’m a biker also, but I’m not defending them just because of that, I genuinly am disgusted by the label given to us as a group and just want people to lay off bikers, it’s really boring now, face it, we’re here for good!!!


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By Anonymous