Road Tax and emissions

Just a quick one: I’ve recently passed my DAS in April and now own a Suzuki DL650X V-Strom. I’m baffled however by the road tax!

My company car is a Honda Civic Hybrid (I took the tax dodging option) and it’s meant to be a so called eco-friendly vehicle (bullshit – average of 37mpg). Its emissions are 109g/km of CO2!

Having had curiosity get the better of me, I searched for the emissions for my bike – 108g/km of CO2.

So lets get this right – car 109g/km and 37mpg – bike 108g/km and an average of 60mpg, even on a tour fully loaded with luggage round Scotland and with plenty of 3-5th gear fun in the corners! Just doesn’t seem fair somehow!


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By mattearnshaw