Bikes in bus lanes – the biggest breakthrough yet

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January 5 marks the biggest milestone yet in the push for motorcyclists to be allowed in bus lanes – as lanes in London are thrown open to bikes.

Journeys for tens of thousands of riders will transform overnight as they are finally allowed into lanes previously shared by buses, taxis and cyclists.  

It’s a landmark victory for MCN readers, 3,900 of whom signed our petition urging London Mayor Boris Johnson to take the step in the face of opposition from cycling campaigners. 

The move is expected to give motorcycling a massive boost by cutting journey times and crashes, and signal the way for the rest of the country.

And with motorcycles and scooters already exempt from London’s congestion charge, the latest step is set to put them head-and-shoulders above other transport modes as the best way to get around the capital.  

The change will apply to red route bus lanes already used by cyclists and taxis and controlled by Transport for London (TfL), the capital’s transport authority. It means a total of 180 miles of bus lanes in the capital will be open to motorcyclists.

It will not apply to bus lanes controlled by individual London boroughs. TfL says signs will clearly show which lanes riders can use, and red routes are easily identified by red lines at the kerb instead of yellow.  

The move will start as an 18-month trial, after which a decision will be made on whether to make it permanent.

Find a full list of bus lanes you can ride in from January 5 here:

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell