Riders commit to bus lane 'code of practice'

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Motorcyclists are committing to a ‘code of practice’ to help ensure we get use of bus lanes permanently.The code aims to ensure cyclists’ gloomy predictions of a rise in accidents after London’s lanes are opened to motorcyclists on January 5 are proved wrong.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) says it’s a crucial step toward ensuring the London trial is made permanent in 18 months and other parts of the UK follow the capital’s example. The code states riders will respect other vulnerable road users and take extra care around them.

It was devised by the MCI and Metropolitan Police motorcycle officers with backing from Transport for London and MCN. It features 10 safety pledges designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians and show motorcyclists are responding responsibly to the new privilege.

The points are listed on a card which will carry MCN’s logo and be distributed through motorcycle dealers by the MCI. It shows an abridged version of the full code.
The London Cycling Campaign has predicted motorcyclists will ride too fast but the code promises we will ‘not use excessive speed when using bus lanes or overtaking cyclists’.

The Motorcycles in Bus Lanes Code of Practice states:
London Mayor Boris Johnson has said of London’s bus lane plans: “At the end of the trial period I will listen carefully to the views of all our road users and then make a decision about whether this should be a permanent arrangement.”

MCI spokesman Simon Small said there was “every reason to hope it will become permanent” but that riders needed to follow the code to help make sure of it.
He said success for the scheme in London would heap pressure on other towns and cities to follow suit and throw their bus lanes open to bikes, especially if a fall in accidents is seen.

MCI chief executive Steve Kenward added: “If we get this right in London, it will give us so much of an opportunity to spread the privilege to other cities. From a biking point view, that’s a fantastic opportunity.”

1 We share bus lanes with other vulnerable road users, take extra care around them.

2 Be aware of pedestrians walking through traffic queues and at bus stops.

3 Look out for pedal cycles and give them a wide berth, they may suddenly change direction or position.

4 Pass cyclists on the offside only – never undertake.

5 Always assume cyclists cannot hear or see you behind them.

6 Do not use excessive speed when using bus lanes or overtaking cyclists.

7 Do not overtake each other.

8 Watch out for other vehicles at  junctions and side roads

9 Take extra care when riding alongside congested pavement areas

10 We are ambassadors for motorcycling, riding in a bus lane is a privilege that needs to be respected.

Download the full code here:
And the card version here:

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell