Are you up to riding with Nick Sanders?

I am the mystery man RM otherwise known as Roger Murray as mentioned by El Jenco. TR is Ted Riley.

Yes we were at Alrewas and met most of the riders when they left their bikes for transportation to Lisbon. We were supposed to tow them to Lisbon on trailers but there was a last minute problem and the trailers and straps which finally turned up were not adequate for the job and we simply refused to take them, hence a row with Nick. It was nothing to do with an Asthma attack or a family row as purported by Nick.

Whist I agree with a lot of what El Jenco says about Nick (Captain Chaos) it must be remembered that he has an axe to grind, hence his court case. I have known Nick for many years and have been on a number of his trips, or should I say expeditions to the very edge of the cosseted society we live in.

What I mean is, if you go with Nick it really is an assault course and an initiative test. You succeed in a lot of cases only by your own initiative. But many riders, who would string him up at the time, when it is all over and the adrenalin drops, realise that they have just experienced possibly the most exciting real life adventure of their life and want to join him on another trip.

This sort of close to the edge, real life experience is a rare commodity these days. I would emphasise to any rider contemplating going on a Nick trip. Think carefully! It is not a package holiday. If anybody is going to get to a destination, Nick will, by any means! He is used to riding round the world with just a toothbrush, doing a thousand miles a day and experiencing the most basic of privations, unfortunately he believes his riders will do the same.

Many a time his riders will have ridden all day through the most appalling conditions just looking forward to getting to the hotel for a hot shower and a good meal to find that they have either arrived too late, cant find the hotel, or just could not make the distance, having to pitch tents after midnight with empty stomachs, to be up and off the next morning at 6.30am for a700 mile trip.

But this is what it is all about. I think that it should also be remembered that the 2007 trip to Timbuktu was breaking new ground for Nick on a very tough and hitherto unknown route.

The fact that both Ted Riley and I had the bust up with him and walked out must have put him into a difficult situation having to make last minute on the spot decisions regarding organisation and back up.

I understand that this years Timbuktu trip went reasonably well. Again, I have to agree with a lot of what El Jenco has said, but there is only one biker adventurer like Nick Sanders.

I think he is worth going with if you are up to it and want real adventure. He is good value! Even though Ted and I still think he is a wanker!

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