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Here’s the report Transport for London is hiding on motorcycles in bus lanes.

The report, dated September, concludes collisions fell by 42% on routes in London where motorcycles have been allowed to use bus lanes. TfL has been accused of suppressing the findings due to fears votes will be lost by opening more bus lanes to us.

A TfL road safety officer admitted the report was due to be presented at the London Motorcycle Show last week. Marilyn Cranfield, who was representing TfL on a stand at the show, told MCN: “All I know is it’s still with the mayor’s office.”

But a TfL spokeswoman claimed it had yet to be submitted to the mayor. She said: ''There are serious issues of safety and efficiency involved in this issue, which required proper consideration based upon the collection and analysis of the relevant evidence.

"Our officers had concerns about the validity of some of the early results of the study, which were shared by Greater London Authority officials. Further work has been carried out and when our senior officers are satisfied that their concerns have been met the report will be submitted to the mayor.''

TfL has refused to answer all further questions on the issue. The spokeswoman said: “You have our statement. We have nothing further to add at this stage.”
The authority has also refused to provide the report to the British Motorcyclists Federation under the Freedom of Information Act.

TfL claimed exemption from the Act on the grounds the report was due to be published shortly anyway – but now appears no closer to officially releasing it.
The BMF believes there may be grounds for a complaint to the Information Commissioner.

Have you had an accident in London since September that might not have happened if you’d had access to a bus lane?

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