New Yoshimura slip-ons for 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa and B-King

Published: 29 February 2008

Yoshimura has also unveiled new slip-on silencers to suit the new 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa and B-King.

The B-King silencers are slash-cut to suit the naked motorcycle look, and save 2.9kg of weight as well as giving an undisclosed power and torque increase.

The cans are road legal with the removable baffles fitted, and removing them gives you a track day legal 99db noise level.

You’re looking at paying £903.80 for the stainless steel option, titanium silencers come in at £984.50 and the carbon-fibre effect stainless steel ‘Metal Magic’ finished cans cost £1016.78 per pair.

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The Hayabusa slip-ons save a substantial 7.4kg saving, and also liberate some extra power and torque – though Yoshimura won’t say exactly what those gains are. Again the cans are fitted with removable baffles for road legal noise levels.

The Hayabusa slip-ons cost £790.83 for the stainless option, £887.66 for titanium, and the new Metal Magic finish the most expensive at £919.94.

Details: 01782 569800