Carole Nash focuses on personal injury payouts

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Motorcycle insurance specialist Carole Nash has launched a new policy, designed to offer riders complete cover against personal injury, and damage to their kit.

The firm says its Personal Protection policy would pay out up to £15000 in the event of serious injury, which includes total disability, and loss of sight, limbs, speech, or hearing.

The premium has been set at £24 per year, and Carole Nash promises the cover will go further than personal injury policies from general insurers.

“Bikers should check the small print on any personal accident cover offered by general insurers, as it is possible biking may be excluded,” warns Rebecca Donohue, head of marketing at Carole Nash.

At the same time, the insurance firm has launched a Helmets and Leather scheme to cover damage caused to motorcycling kit in the event of an accident. The policy would pay up to £1000 and covers damage to helmets, leathers, gloves, and boots.

The cost of the kit cover is £39 per year, however the firm plans to offer a 12.5% discount to motorcyclists who take out both policies at the same time.


Michael Carroll

By Michael Carroll