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Please Think Bike

Published: 23 February 2008

Another great start to 2008!

I have was involved in an "accident" at the end of January on my way to work. I was performing an overtaking manoeuvre, legally when the driver of the 4x4 decided to turn right into a driveway.

This action taking me out with an impact of 50pm. I have now returned home after a two week stint in hospital and a further 6-8 weeks off work. My injuries are mainly internal and I was millimeters from major surgery and death.

Thank God for leather and Kevlar! Since I came home I have found out that my leathers were completely cut off me at the scene, my lid is ruined and my beloved SP2 is well and truly destroyed.

I ride with my head light on and my helmet is bright yellow - a Troy Corser rep.

What do we have to do to make people "THINK BIKE?" I have had an okay offer to replace my SP2 but I won't be able to find one for the money, now I will have to spend months trying to recuperate costs for my leathers and lid and I will miss the start of the BSB season as my injuries make it difficult for me to get about.

Thank you Mr 4x4, and please spread the word to Think Bike. I'm sure your dent is repaired now and your conscience is clear.