Lincolnshire police target bikes with hidden cameras

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Lincolnshire police forces are to use hidden speed cameras to catch speeding motorcyclists in the county.

Police claim that nearly one quarter of the 79 road deaths on Lincolnshire roads were motorcyclists and has launched  ‘Operation Stealth’ to reduce that number. This spring will see police officers placed at specific locations at pre-determined times to catch speeding bikes and cars.

Inspector Andy McManus said: “Bike riders are a significant problem in the county so one of the things we will be doing to address this is Operation Stealth. My purpose is to reduce the number of collisions and make roads safer.”

***UPDATED January 8, 11.19***

MCN spoke exclusively to Insp. McManus following the announcement. He said: "It's only about really excessive speed. If someone is just over that's not a problem, we're going to try and use police bikers to stop the offenders and give them a leaflet and a chat, and they will be dealt with as normal. We will only prosecute high-end offenders - we're talking double the speed limit - and that will be a high profile prosecution. Last summer on YouTube, in Lincolnshire we had two guys doing top-end, 180mph. It's got to stop." 




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Chris Newbigging

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