Picture gallery: BMW's uncrashable motorcycle patent drawings

Published: 09 January 2008

Here are all the pictures of BMW's patent design for an "uncrashable" motorcycle.

The system works through a system of pivots and hydraulics to move the wheels about. Even the handle bars can be moved independently of the front wheel!

Basically, if the onboard computer senses something is wrong, like a loss of grip or inappropriate input from the rider, then the system will intervene to avoid any possibilities of a crash.

Instead of the bike having a more traditional, rigid chassis it has a chassis that is as flexible as possible. This flexibiliity allows computers to alter the angle of both the wheels, to avoid an accident.

The system will affect the steering, front wheel angle and the rear wheel angle.

To find out just how the uncrashable bike works, check out this weeks MCN out today, Wednesday 9th January 2008. The issue also features a world first test of Moto Guzzi's new BMW R1200GS Adventure rival, the Stelvio.