2-inch deep potholes to be left untreated

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Potholes up to two inches deep will be left un-repaired under proposals from local government.

At the moment potholes over one-inch deep are filled as a matter of urgency but councillors in Essex plan to double the limit.

A spokesman for the council claimed it would make roads safer. He said: “It should enable us to respond more efficiently to the potholes that need fixing more immediately whereas we’ve had to do them in sheer order of how they are reported before.”

But a spokesman for the Essex Labour Party, which opposes the move, said: “In layman’s terms only holes more than 50mm will be considered for repair.”
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  • Have you crashed due to a pothole? If so, you can help MCN with an investigation. Email details to steve.farrell@emap.com including a daytime phone number.  




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Steve Farrell

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