Crackdown on illegal number plates

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Police forces nationwide will be stopping motorists with illegal number plates this week as part of Operation Larch, a campaign to prevent speeders and other criminals evading being traced.

The campaign runs from today until Sunday February 3 and aims to “identify any links between the use of misrepresented registration marks and criminality; provide suitable evidence to justify changes to penalty levels for related offences; and maximise the disruption of criminal activities and reduce crime levels.”

Frank Whiteley, ACPO lead on Automatic Number Plate Recognition and Chief Constable of Hertfordshire Constabulary, said:

“Criminals make use of vehicles to commit crimes and in some cases, will tamper with number plates in order to try and avoid detection by roadside cameras.

Operation Larch will bear down on this growing concern as part of The Police Service’s ongoing campaign to target criminals through their use of the roads.

“It is not known how many motor vehicles display misrepresented number plates or how many are driven by active criminals, but Operation Larch will provide intelligence for the first time on the link between this offence and broader criminality, and inform a debate around the tightening of legislation around number plate offences.”




Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging