A word of thanks

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Just thought iId say a few thank you's to people out there who deserve it.

Thank you to my two mates, Ken and Ian for making a trip to Germany a couple of weeks ago such fun. Thank you to Belstaff for making brilliant waterproofs for when the weather was less than perfect.

Thank you to the Germans and Dutch (but most definitely not the Belgians) for making such amazing roads. Thank you to Honda for making such an amazing bike (SP2) with which I enjoyed the roads.

Thank you also to the relative police forces of the countries we visited for being completely abscent when it came to having fun and very much on the spot when we needed help in Holland.

And finally, thank you to the sneaky, Gypsy low lives from Venlo in Holland who relieved my two friends of their pride and joys rendering the rest of my trip a rather lonely one.

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