Biking is the way forward!

I have just got back into biking, we always had motorbikes as kids but never managed to get a road bike until now.

Two years ago I got a job smack in the middle of Cardiff at a large solicitors, living on the east of the city only gives me one commute option using public transport.

I bought a yearly bus pass and experienced a year of hell: Buses were never on time. If I was two yards from a bus stop and running with my hand out the bus drivers would just keep going and usually smirk or laugh.

I always ended up with the nutter sat next to me! And worst of all the bus took 45 - 55 minutes every day to go five miles, this added two hours in total to my day.

This summer the bus pass expired and I convinced the other half I needed a bike, I did my CBT last week and bought a real cracker of a bike, it’s a Yamaha XT125R and its perfect for commuting, very smooth and economical.

My journey now takes me 15 minutes and some days I take a diversion to make it last a bit longer, I get to park with the company 'elite' in the very small work car park with the BMW's and Audi's.

I just wish I had done it two years ago. Two of the boys in my office are now seeing the light and also hoping to get bikes very soon.

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Mike Griffiths

Reader's article

By Mike Griffiths