Caught speeding in North Wales

I was caught speeding in the car in North Wales (Brunstrom's area); I don't have a problem with that, it was more the underhand way in which it happened.

There was a Police officer with unmarked-from-the-front parked bike facing the oncoming traffic (it looked like a black BMW RT type) underneath the shade of trees last weekend, with the officer and camera at the rear of the bike so that as you are approaching all you see (although not clearly as they are beneath the trees) is a motorbike parked facing you.

It's only as you come alongside that you realise there is a policeman dressed in black with a camera, the only non-black clothing being the white on the band around his hat. He even appeared to have a dark shirt on, not your usual white or blue.

Fair cop for the speeding issue but more evidence of the deviousness used by Brunstrom and team to catch people out! Just after we'd gone past, I even said 'That was a cop and should have taken a photo!' - couldn't be bothered to stop though!

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Martin Bayliss

Reader's article

By Martin Bayliss