Every day is Ride to Work Day

I ride to work every day from Guildford to central London through rain, snow, and occasionally sun. Baking and freezing, though more freezing than baking.

Past lines of cars and lorries, I try to nod thanks to those that let me through, and curse the ones that seem to deliberately block my path, or just jump lanes without looking behind.

Past the accidents where I look for and all too often see a bike on its side and I hope the rider is alright and I am glad it's not me.

It's as quick as the train without all the stress, overcrowding and it's a helluva lot cheaper.

Though the weather may be miserable, the journey never is and though I may miss the odd after work pint at least I'm not going home on the tube.

It is routine, but its the best kind of routine and I wouldn't want to change it. Every day is Ride to Work Day.

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By Richard