Four wheeled stupidity

So today, again I hit the road expecting idiots galore and as usual I was not let down. They were out by the score. Do folk hand their brains in before hitting the A52?

Or do they only see four wheels and just blank those of us on two? It ain't that hard to indicate, just flick that little switch then the girl behind won't have to slam on the anchors.

On I went, thinking the madness was over, but wait! I ran into more. Women in parked up cars - CHECK before you open your door. You were lucky I saw it coming and managed to swerve out. But next time use your brain, there might be bikes about.

I accept that taxi drivers think they own the road and in Nottingham the taxi is king. But clip my leg like that again and you'll have more than a scuffed wing.

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By Beverley