Cycle magazine brands motorcycles polluters

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A cycle magazine has claimed motorcycles are up to 11 times more polluting than cars.

Cycle, the magazine of national cycling organisation CTC, says motorcycles should therefore not be allowed in bus lanes.

The August/September issue tells readers: ‘On average their emissions of various pollutants are 5-11 times worse than for cars.’

In fact a Department for Transport report states emission laws from 2007 onward ‘put motorcycle emissions at a level similar to, or better than, those for cars’.

The Cycle article adds: “CTC is in no way ‘anti-motorbiker’ and shares many of their safety concerns. However, we feel that policies which would encourage more motorcycling would increase pollution and danger whilst undermining efforts to promote walking, cycling and public transport as safer, healthy and more sustainable alternatives.”

The article says CTC supports a petition organised by the London Cycling Campaign asking London Mayor Boris Johnson to reverse his decision to open bus lanes to motorcycles.

MCN has launched its own petition asking the Mayor to ignore the cycling lobby and get on with it. 

No-one from CTC was available to comment. 


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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell