Former boss of Indian Motorcycles arrested

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The former boss of the Indian Motorcycle Company has been arrested on suspicion of attempting to smuggle a Harley-Davidson out of the U.S.

Rey Sotelo is accused of racketeering, conspiracy to traffic stolen parts, being a loan shark, and of being involved in deals with outlawed bike gangs.

He is one of 11 men arrested on suspicion of attempting to ship a Harley-Davidson to the leader of a Swedish bike gang.

If convicted, Sotelo could be jailed for up to five years and face fines of over £125,000.

Sotelo, who stepped down as the boss of Indian some six years ago, says he is innocent of all charges, and accused the U.S. authorities of arresting him to sex up their case.

He stumped up over £50,000 to bail himself out, pending a full trial.


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Michael Carroll

By Michael Carroll