No police, just hard to spot cameras

After seeing more and more of the average speed cameras around and hearing the rumours about the new cameras (the ones that do average speed from behind, the ones that can see two miles, the ones that don't need the white lines, numberplate recognition).

I am wondering if the councils that implement them think we are all stupid. The requirements for a speed camera is that it is visible and clearly marked both by road signs to indicate that it is in use nearby and also that it is bright and you are able to see it from a distance.

When councils/goverment officials are questioned about the validity of the speed cameras they always reply that they are there to be a deterrent to speeding not just to punish the ones who are caught.

If this is the case then why have councils all around London decided to colour the average speed cameras a dark blue, then paint all the surrounding lamp posts the same dark blue colour. Could it be to disguise them so they catch more people and generate more money?

If anyone is caught by these average speed cameras I would seriously advise that they look up the requirements of the cameras as 90% of them don't even seem to have been given warning signs!

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By EviLNygma