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Bad vibrations from the new Suzuki Hayabusa

Published: 13 June 2008

I bought a Suzuki Hayabusa K8 six months ago. Since about 400 miles it has developed bad vibrations through the whole of the motorcycle.

It vibrates through the pegs handlebars, tank and seats etc... Resulting in numb fingers and hands.

It has now done 1075 miles and it's just as bad. I had it back to my local dealer - Powersport  of Bradford who got an area tecnician out.

He compared my Suzuki Hayabusa to the dealer demonstrator motorcycle which vibrated just as bad and he put it down to tolerences.

Does this mean I spent £9,000 of my hard earned cash on a motorcycle I don't even want to ride now.

I previousley owned three older model Hayabusas and I never had this problem.

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