Excellent service

Published: 14 June 2008

I would like to thank the motorcycle fraternity for all of those that stopped to held me when I crashed into the Pembury roundabout on the A21 last Sunday 8th June(afterwards two cars had a bang as the drivers were rubber necking).

When I examined my motorcycle (Honda NT700V Deauville) there was oil on the rear wheel and the sump drain plug was missing. My bike had caused the crash

The AA got my bike to my Honda dealer 21st Moto, Swanley, Kent.On Monday morning I presented my bike and asked the dealer if it was a common event for sump plugs to work loose and drop off on Honda Deauvilles.

The dealer said that if I could be contacted later that day then they would get back to me. Three hours later the dealer telephoned me and said that they would repair my bike for free.

Today Friday I have seen my bike which has been fully restored and it has now restored my faith in my dealer.