Manchester congestion charge exemption covers lack of parking commitment

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The BMF says Manchester City Council’s plans to exempt motorcycles from its congestion plans are ineffective without a commitment to increase the number of motorcycle parking bays in the city.

Manchester City Council announced earlier this week that motorcycles would be exempt from its £5 per day congestion charge, which is due to be introduced by 2013.

However, the council has no plans to increase the number of parking bays allocated to motorcyclists, and stopped a programme to install secure motorcycle parking in 2005.

Fred Tolley, the BMF’s campaign manager for Manchester, says the council is negating any congestion-busting benefits that motorcycles offer by refusing to improve the parking situation.

“Manchester makes a big noise about cutting congestion, but the lack of parking facilities is a disincentive to anyone taking to two wheels.”

Adding to motorcyclists woes in the city is a “punitive regime,” whereby traffic wardens target motorcyclists who park outside the allocated bays, Tolley said.


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Michael Carroll

By Michael Carroll